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I am a guitar teacher with 28 years of experience. I can teach you pop, folk, blues, country, jazz, rock, metal, and more on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and ukulele. My lessons are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar players. My goal is to help you discover your own unique musical style.

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My lessons can be as easy or advanced as you want them to be. You can learn blues, country, bluegrass, rock, metal, pop, jazz, gypsy jazz, acoustic fingerstyle, slide guitar, songwriting, and more. I teach acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and ukulele.

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My name is Jesse Reed, and I am a guitarist from the UK currently living in Amsterdam. I have been playing the guitar for 28 years, and I am probably more addicted to it now than ever. I have performed in numerous bands and recorded music at studios in the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands. I achieved my grade 8 in guitar from Trinity College London, studied a diploma in popular music performance at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts, and then later continued my studies at Guitar X. Over the years, the guitar has been like a friend and even a therapist for me. I love learning and developing new techniques on the guitar and experimenting with new musical ideas. My personal goal is to find my own individual style, and I like to help other guitarists find theirs.

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A trial lesson is a great way for us to get to know each other, and for me to learn what you want to acheive with the guitar. I can then tailor the lessons to suit your needs, so that you can get the most out of them.


Learning the guitar can be as intensive or casual as you desire. Some people want to study for hours every day and go on to be professional musicians, and others want music as more of a hobby. I can teach you advanced musical concepts and ideas to help you develop your own style as a professional musician, or I can teach you songs for your own enjoyment that you can share with your friends. Whatever you want to get from your lessons, I will help you achieve it.

  • Songs
    The heart of most modern music is the song. I can teach you not only your favorite songs, but if you like, I can give you a more comprehensive understanding of how to create a song. I can show you the rhythms, harmony, and melody that go into creating a beautiful song and also help you find your own style. What do you want to say through your music? What is your musical voice? Together, we can find it.
  • Scales
    This is a subject that makes some people very excited and fills others with dread. I can teach you as much or as little of this as you wish. I think scales are very misunderstood; they seem boring and not very fun. In reality, they can unlock a deep understanding of how chords and melody are connected, and if used right, they can allow you to express yourself even more deeply. Music should never sound like someone practicing their scales; that's why I will show you how to use them to create a beautiful melody and not sound like a guy just playing scales.
  • Chords
    When I find a song I love, very often it is because of the way the chords are put together. I can teach you the chord progressions of your favorite songs and also give you the tools to invent your own chord progressions. Again, we can take this as far as you want to. If you want to go deep, we can look into the theory of chords and what makes them connect with each other the way they do. how they relate to melody, and how you can find interesting voicings and chord combinations to create your own unique style of music.
  • Theory
    All of my lessons are unique to the person I'm teaching, and you can learn as much or as little about music theory as you wish to. For those of you who are interested in this topic, I will teach you the theory of harmony, how to use scales correctly to create inspiring melodies, and how melody relates to chords. We will look at composition and how to use theoretical knowledge without losing the heart of the music. We can look at improvisation and the various ways we can use theory to help us express ourselves more freely. Above all else, music is enjoyed by the ears, and my approach to theory is to empower you with a broad understanding of the mechanics of music whilst retaining the passion, emotion, and soul. Think of it like talking: the more words you know, the better you can express yourself!
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